Submit your paper to American Anthropologist

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Submit your paper to American Anthropologist

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Submit your paper to American Anthropologist

American Anthropologist follows the mission statement and goals of the American Anthropological Association by working to present the best work from the full spectrum of anthropological research. It furthers the professional interests of anthropologists by disseminating anthropological knowledge and illuminating its relevance to human problems.

American Anthropologist welcomes research articles from all subfields of anthropology, including archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology. It publishes research that bridges subfields of anthropology and also publishes research that lies squarely within one subfield. American Anthropologist welcomes humanistic and scientific approaches, qualitative and quantitative approaches, and also welcomes research articles from practicing anthropologists. The journal seeks research articles that present the latest results of research projects, and also research articles that address questions of anthropological theory, method, and politics.

Each issue reaches well over 12,000 readers!

Instructions on how to submit your manuscript and more information on American Anthropologist can be found at

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