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Organization Studies -- Table of Contents Alert

A new issue of Organization Studies
has been made available:

1 May 2007; Vol. 28, No. 5


Photocopiers and Water-coolers: The Affordances of Informal Interaction
    Anne-Laure Fayard and John Weeks

    Organization Studies 2007;28 605-634 ... 5/605?etoc

The Institutionalization of Knowledge in an Automotive Factory: Templates,
Inscriptions, and the Problem of Durability
    Giovan Francesco Lanzara and Gerardo Patriotta

    Organization Studies 2007;28 635-660 ... 5/635?etoc

A Fresh Look at How Professions Take Shape: Dual-directed Networking
Dynamics and Social Boundaries
    Kathleen Montgomery and Amalya L. Oliver

    Organization Studies 2007;28 661-687 ... 5/661?etoc

Beyond Words: Aesthetic Knowledge and Knowing in Organizations
    Boris Ewenstein and Jennifer Whyte

    Organization Studies 2007;28 689-708 ... 5/689?etoc

Hierarchical Forms of Outsourcing and the Creation of Dependency
    Ulrike Muehlberger
    Organization Studies 2007;28 709-727 ... 5/709?etoc

The Reconstructed Professional Firm: Explaining Change in English Legal
    Stephen Ackroyd and Daniel Muzio

    Organization Studies 2007;28 729-747 ... 5/729?etoc

Towards a Dynamic Resource-based View: Insights from Austrian Capital and
Entrepreneurship Theory
    Nicolai J. Foss and Ibuki Ishikawa

    Organization Studies 2007;28 749-772 ... 5/749?etoc

Reading Dewey: Reflections on the Study of Routine
    Michael D. Cohen
    Organization Studies 2007;28 773-786 ... 5/773?etoc

Book Review: A Radical Return?: Stewart R.Clegg, David Courpasson and
Nelson Phillips: Power and Organization 2006, Sage: London 472 pages, soft
    Andre Spicer
    Organization Studies 2007;28 787-789

Book Review: Robert Westwood and Carl Rhodes (Eds): Humour, Work and
Organization: 2006, Routledge: London & New York 307 pages soft cover
    A.H. Pinnington
    Organization Studies 2007;28 789-792

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