Climate Chaos. Making Art and Politics on a Dying Planet

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Climate Chaos. Making Art and Politics on a Dying Planet

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Climate Chaos. Making Art and Politics on a Dying Planet
Neala Schleuning

Formulates an anarchist aesthetics exploring what art can mean inand do in the Anthropocene

Kant sought to contain the ancient fear and terror of the naturalworld in his concept of the sublime. He argued that with humanreason we could safely confront an uncontrolled and powerfulnatural world. But today we no longer have the luxury of theKantian sublime as we face the oppressive claustrophobic horror ofdrastic global climate change.

The earth itself is now threatened and livelihoods are moreprecarious. A new sublime incorporating the experience of awe andimmensity – coupled with a profound respect for the presence of agreat and unpredictable force of nature – can shape our responseto the Anthropocene. Climate Chaos reassesses the Kantian sublime,opening up the opportunity to reconsider its dark side and our ownfears, as we come face to face with the agency of nature beyond arational response. Can we find ways to change our thinking, art,and politics to move beyond through the catastrophe of thepresent? A new aesthetics and a new political narrative of livingin harmony with the earth is emerging.

Bio: Neala Schleuning is a writer and educator. She received herPhD in American Studies from the University of Minnesota in 1978with an emphasis in political philosophy and intellectualhistory. Fulbright Scholar to the Russian Federation, she is theauthor of many articles, higher education policy papers, films andradio productions, and several books, including Artpolitik: SocialAnarchist Aesthetics in an Age of Fragmentation (2013), America:Song We Sang Without Knowing (1983); Idle Hands and Empty Hearts:Work and Freedom in the United States (1990); Women, Community,and the Hormel Strike of 1985-86 (1994); and To Have and to Hold:the Meaning of Ownership in the United States (1997).

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Release to the book trade May 2021

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