COVER Spring 2023 Seminars


COVER Spring 2023 Seminars

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Centre for Commons Organizing, Values Equalities and Resilience
Spring 2023 Seminar Series ... resilience

A seminar series (primarily online) from a new research centre, focusing
on themes related to commoning and social transformation

Dissemblage. Machinic Capitalism and Molecular Revolution
Wednesday January 25th @ 12PM, online: ... revolution
Gerald Raunig, Zurich University & Transversal Texts

The University without Walls: Space, Time and Capacities
Wednesday February 8th @ 12PM, online: ... capacities
Martin Parker, University of Bristol

Promoting Commons Presents and Futures Symposium
Friday February 17th @ 9AM-5:30PM
University of Essex, Room: NTC.3.02?If you wish to attend in person
please register by emailing ... -symposium
Militant Analysis – Schizoanalysis for All
Wednesay February 22nd @ 12PM, online: ... is-for-all
Susana Caló and Godofredo Pereira, Royal College of Art

Out of the Clear. Coloniality, Commoning, and Speculative Pragmatism
Wednesday March 8th @ 2PM, online: ... pragmatism
Erin Manning, Concordia University

Dis/agreement in participatory organizations: low theory and democratic
governance in cybernetics
Wednesday March 15th @ 12PM, online: ... anizations
James Fox, University of Essex

The Grammar of Economic Space: Collaborative Finance and the Protocols
for Post-Capitalist Economic Expression
Wednesday March 29th @ 12PM, online: ... ve-finance
Akseli Virtanen, Aalto University

Technology, Ecology and Anti-Humanism
Wednesday April 12th @ 2PM, online: ... i-humanism
Harrison Fluss & Landon Frim

A Studious Use: Designing from the undercommons
Wednesday May 31st @ 12PM, online: ... dercommons
Giovanni Marmont, University of Edinburgh