Let's talk about menopause: OpenTalk- 25th February 2020

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Let's talk about menopause: OpenTalk- 25th February 2020

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OpenTalk in Cardiff, Tuesday 25th February at 17:15. I also want to encourage to share this information with colleagues, partners, family and friends so we can all start talking about menopause at work.

Menopause is often regarded as a private, even taboo subject, and one which has nothing to do with employment. But there are four reasons why employers need to pay careful attention to the menopause. Join The Open University’s Professor Jo Brewis as she outlines these demographic, economic, legal and social responsibility cases. She’ll also reflect on recent research findings and will discuss how employers can support their staff going through menopause.

Jo will be joined by Julie Glyn-Jones, Registered Nurse of Henpicked Menopause In The Workplace, who will bust the myths and explain the facts around menopause.

This event is for you…

Regardless of what gender you identify as. Both Jo and Julie will highlight why menopause is not just a ‘women’s issue’
If you have a personal experience and you want to learn more
If you want to action change in your workplace
If you want to learn more about menopause and its symptoms in general, furthermore how menopause could be affecting you at work or your employees.

To find out more about the event or reserve your free space, head to: https://menopos-menopause.eventbrite.co.uk

We hope to see you on Tuesday 25th February