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Organization Studies-Volume: 41, Number:5 (May 2020)

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 3:39 pm
by Oranisation Studies
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Organization Studies-Volume: 41, Number:5 (May 2020)

De- and Recoupling and Public Regulation Martin de Bree and Annemiek Stoopendaal

Reparation Compulsion: Theorizing the pitfalls of guilt-driven labor Nathan Gerard

Making Organizations More Inclusive: The Work of Belonging Alice Bryer

‘Eating Bitterness’ in a Chinese Multinational: Identity Regulation in Context Keyan Lai, Glenn Morgan, and Jonathan Morris

Relational Encounters and Vital Materiality in the Practice of Craft Work Emma Bell and Sheena J. Vachhani

Designing the Tools of the Trade: How corporate social responsibility consultants and their tool-based practices created market shifts Jean-Pascal Gond and Luc Brès