The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure

Issue 1

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Hello and welcome to the first edition of The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure.

In this issue Siān Gibson will be examining issues of youth policy and identity through the perspective of the young themselves. This is an initial summary of the soon to be published 'The Real Deal' consultation project. This project aimed to present policy makers with a clearer understanding of the views of the socially excluded. Siān Gibson will be contributing a fuller analysis of the completed project in a future issue of The Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure.


Siān Gibson All work and No Play?

Mark  Grimshaw Boom Booom Net

G Coates Motivating the Masses : Identity and the Self

R VanWynsberghe & R Matthew Leisure as the Basis for Community : Cohousing, Sustainability and Diversity

Mark Grimshaw will be taking a techincal look at the recent phenomenon of online radio and the problems and successes involved in creating an Internet radio station. Much of this article will be of use to those interested in following their example, but others will also find of interest the ways in which individuals can circumvent the restraints of national and regional radio, ever more funded one way or another by business. The implications of a local creation of a global radio station for a post-modernist analysis are evident.

On a more work-based front G. Coates examines the issues surrounding what we take for granted in our understanding of organisations today. Getting employees to work harder has become a national past-time, getting them to do it in a way that they enjoy and is fulfilling, is another matter. This article focuses on the traditional aspects of motivation and asks if we can accept these at face value or need to question them deeper.

The article by R Van Wynsberghe and R Matthew provides us with an alternative view to the traditional understanding of community. It proposes we take a long hard look at what we assume leisure time to be and how we hope to continue with it. In the process it asks us to imagine a time when we care about those who live around us because they will be the ones who allow us to extend our leisure time further.

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