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Action Research International [2]
Advocate's Forum Online Social work journal managed by students, University of Chicago
American Communication Journal
American Graduate An e-journal of social and cultural history for graduate students.
Annual Reviews: Sociology On-line Abstracts of articles for the past 12 years. Full text of articles from 1993-1996. Over 6000 selected references to the literature. An international address book.
Arobase Journal of literature and human sciences
Australian Humanities Review
Australian Journal of Cultural Studies
Associations - journal for theoretical problems in the social sciences.
Body and Society The journal is dedicated to the publication of contemporary empirical and theoretical work from a wide range of disciplines.
Bright Lights Film Journal A popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary.
The British Journal of Sociology
Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies Devoted to the critical study of the representation of women in film, popular culture and media.
Canadian Journal of Communication
Canadian Journal of Film Studies Historiographical articles, review articles, and reviews.
Canadian Journal of Sociology, The - The CJS Online contains tables of contents, featured articles, book reviews, and ordering information.
Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
Center for Women and Information Technology
Common Knowledge Dedicated to undermining all foundational structures that impede agreement.
Community Journal of the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations
Community Networks: A Bibliography
Computers & Texts
Computers in the Social Studies
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
Continuum Australian Journal of Media and Culture.
Computer Music Journal

Critical Inquiry An interdisciplinary journal in the arts and humanities.
Critical Mass Specializes in cultural issues surrounding new technology and cyberspace.
Critical Musicology Journal
CTheory Online journal that includes numerous articles by Jean Baudrillard and Arthur and Marilouise Kroker.
Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Dynamics A journal which invites scholars to think about culture, cutting across the traditional boundaries of the social sciences.
Cultural Knowledge News and op-ed from a multi-cultural perspective.
Cultural Logic An electronic journal of Marxist theory and practice.
Culture Machine New cultural studies online journal..
Cultsock Weird culture site. 
Cultural Studies An international journal exploring the relationships between cultural practices and everyday life.
Cultural Values Journal dedicated to transdisciplinary analysis of culture and its changing values.
Current Research in Social Psychology - covering all areas of social psychology.

Cybersociology [alt] Cybersociology magazine. The study of the internet, cyberspace, computer mediated communication, and online communities.
Cyberspace Policy Institute
Demography Journal
Digital Portal
Drug Topics - More a pharmacy magazine.
Early Childhood Research and Practice
Economics Papers - Australian National University.
Economic Journal - Self Explanetory.

The Economist
Edge: The E-Journal of Intercultural Relations - online journal created to give the many people with an interest in intercultural relations an outlet to share their work via the Web.
Education Policy Analysis Archives

Electric Journal of Communication
Electric Journal of Communicative Psychoanalysis
Electric Journal of Virtual Culture
Electronic Journal of Sociology - contains full text of all articles free of charge.
Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities

European Journal of Social Psychology
Feminist Economics
Feminist Review
Feminist Studies in Aotearoa Electronic Journal
Film & History
Film and Philosophy
First Monday

HIV Frontline
HIV Plus
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library Newletter
IMF Working Papers
Information Technology and Disabilities
Information, Technology & People
Intelligent Agent
Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning (IMEJ)
InterActivity: tools + techniques for digital content creators
International Atomic Energy Agency Bulletin
International Journal of Futures Studies
Internet Journal of African Studies
International Journal of Tantric Studies
Internet Library of Early Journals
Internet Writing Journal
Interracial Voicev
Irish Communications Review
Journal for Christian Theological Research
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Journal of Memetics: Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission
Journal of MUD Research
Journal of Postmodern Culture
Journal of Online Behavior
Journal of Social Services
Journal of South Asian Women Studies
Journal of Statistics Education
Journal of Technology Education
Journal of the Acoustical Society
Journal of the Association for History and Computing
Journal of the Sociology of Art
Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure
Journal of World Systems Research
Jouvert: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies
Joystick Scandinavian Netjournal of the Sociology of Law.
Kairos:A Journal For Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
Language Learning & Technology (LLT)
Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database
Marburg Journal of Religion
Marketing Magazine
Media and Culture Student Webzine.
Media, Culture and Technology
Media Futures Archive
Media History Monographs
Media Visions Webzine (a journal of global sense)
MCS: the media and communications site
Migration News Immigration and integration developments.
Music Journal
NATAP Reports (National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project)

Negations - Journal with all sorts in.
Net-Life Resources
New Media Studies
Noesis: Philosophical Research On-Line

On-line Journal of Ethics
Pop Central
Pop Cultures One to watch
Postmodern Culture
Proverb Studies
Psychology of Cyberspace
Psychology of Virtual Communities
Qualitative Report
Radio Cul
ture Journal
Rationality and Society - international journal focusing on the latest social research and theory using rational choice as its foundation.
Readerly/Writerly Texts
Reader's Digest
Real News Page
Religion & Theology
Research Reports Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities.
Resiliency In Action - journal of application and research focusing on how people recover from stress, drug abuse and violence.
Reviewing Sociology
Rhetnet:A Cyberjournal of Rhetoric and Writing.
Rolling Stone Music Mag.
Russian Sociological Forum
Sincronia Journal of Culture Studies for Latin America.
Scout Report Scout Report for Social Sciences - computer sciences
Social Research Update
Social Science Japan
Sociological Forum
- peer-review journal that emphasizes innovative articles that develop topics or areas in new ways or directions.
Sociological Methodology Journal - an annual volume on methods of research in the social sciences.
Sociological methodology
Sociological Research Online - full e-journal in Sociology available freely over the WWW.
Socius - University of Oslo - in Norwegian.
SOSOL Sociology of Sport Online.
Stanford Electronic Humanities Review
Statistics on the Internet
Theatre Journal
Theatre Topics
The Manager
Theoretical Anthropology
Theory, Culture & Society Centre
Theory & Event
Theoretical Anthropology
Times Higher Educational Supplement Internet Service
Undercurrent An online journal for the analysis of the present.
Whispers Online Magazine for Women
Worldwide Attitudes Electronic Journal
World Wide Free Press
WWW Virtual Library


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