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New Issue.

Welcome to the latest issue of The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure

We hope that by introducing this journal we can open a new chapter of research that combines many disciplines; sociology, public administration, politics, psychology, housing management, economics, social history, leisure studies, mass communication, social work and many others.

Please take some time to read the contributions to the present issue

We hope you will enjoy reading the journal and would like to contribute to a future issue.

In the mean time, we hope you enjoy the previous issue of The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure

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Book Reviews.

We have instigated a book review section. In light of this we will post the books available for review on the web site.

If you would like to be considered for a review please email your name and interests to the journal.

Check the 'Book Review' page for books available for review.

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Electronic Books.

We welcome within this section material, which does not meet the criterion for articles: e.g. books. You may therefore apply for your book project to be published here. We also have the ability to charge payment for access, should you wish it.

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The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure is intended for an interdisciplinary readership so all manuscripts should be written clearly and simply. Contributors should pay particular attention to the fact that English is not the first language of many readers.

If you would like to be informed when these pages are updated follow this link or use the RSS link via your browser.

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IJULL is pleased to note that the RAE has announced that electronic journal publication will indeed be given normal accreditation in its assessment of UK research from 2001. Therefore, any papers published prior to the next Research Assessment Exercise within IJULL will be fully eligible for RAE entry:

"Electronically-disseminated publications (such as on-line journal contributions) will be assessed on the same basis as printed materials."
(RAE 2008 UoA 67 2.58)

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Recent Additions.

Message Forum Board

The Journal has added a new service on its "other info" page regarding a Web Forum. This has been designed to help you all communicate together on topics of interest to you and to receive help on anything related to the journals remit.

(IJULL Forum)

If you want to discuss issues with other fonts icons journal readers, or ask questions concerning your research topics or if you want to start a discussion thread about a topic of your choice this is the forum to use.

If you want to forward information about conferences, open days, notifications, etc then you can now use the forum specifically set up for the purpose.

We hope you find these services useful.

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