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All articles submitted to the Editor are placed on line on a special part of the server for the members of the Editorial Review Board to read. They can then return their opinions of the articles to the Editor using the On-line Review Form.

To view the articles for review editors will need the specific address which will only be given to the reviewers via email. The articles for review will be kept on a separate secure server.

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Managing Editors:

General editor : Dr Steve Price
Notes and Issues editor : Dr. T. Strange
Technical editor/advisor: D. Hill

Editorial Review Board:

Mr. I. Atkin (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Dr B. Bradby (University of Dublin)
Dr. G. Simons (University of Bath)
Ms. Siān Gibson (MORI)
Mr. M. Grimshaw (University of Salford)
Dr. A. Lovatt (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Mr. M. Lowe (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Dr. J. Manning (Leeds University)
Dr. S. Procter (University of St Andrews)
Dr. H. Rietveld (South Bank University)
Prof S Smith (University of Edinburgh)
N. Smith (Birmingham Public Health Authority)

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The Review Process:

All submitted manuscripts are sent for blind peer-review. This should take less time that a traditional paper based journal and we hope to turn manuscripts around within a month of acknowledged receipt.

You will receive an initial acknowledgement when your paper is received by The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure. If you do not receive an acknowledgement The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure has not received your manuscript and you should try submitting again.

All manuscripts are read by 2 reviewers, and will be evaluated on methodological rigour, topical relevence, critical content and clarity of expression. (see the On-line Review Form)

The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure insists that manuscripts should not be submitted to another journal simultaneously. Please retain your original copies.

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Book Reviews

Books for review can be sent to: G. Coates, Department of Sociology, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, BA2 7AY, and should be so marked.

If you wish to be considered for the reviewing of books, please email your name, affiliation and interests to S. Whiteman.


Notice of copyright

Please see the copyright statement.

In all cases, the moral rights of the authors to their work remain with the authors.


Submitting an Article.

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