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Other Internet Resources

African american critical theory and cyberculture

BIDS Citation Index, British Library Journal Articles

Black pioneers of the internet

Blackwell's Sociology Resources Includes details of electronic discussion groups

British Council

British Library of Political and Economic Science (BLPES)

Building Citizen-based Electronic Democracy Efforts Steven Clift

BUBL Information service for the higher education community

Bullfrog Films Educational video films

CAQDAS Centre for Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Centre for Applied Social Surveys (CASS)

Centre for Research on Simulation in the Social Sciences

Civic Networks: Building Community on the Net Scott London

Clearing house for Social Sciences Subject-Oriented Bibliographies

Comparative social research

Computer Simulation of Societies Home Page Maintained by Centre for Research on Simulation in the Social Sciences

Colour and the net

Coombsweb ANU Social Sciences Server

Conceptual Blending on the Information Highway : Metaphorical Inferences Work? T. Rohrer

COPAC (Consortium of University Research Libraries National OPAC)

Council of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)


Cultural Survival Quarterly

Cultural uses of internet information and communication technologies
"Cybertheory" : Mapping the Multimedia Terrain of Postmodern Society Epstein and Lichty.
Digital Media: Hypertext, Cybernetics, Cyborgs and Virtual Realities Karla Tonella

Ecofeminism on the Web

Electronic Democracy Toolkit Howard Rheingold.

ESRC Data Archive

ESRC Qualitative Data Archival Resource Centre

Ethno/CA News Information on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis

EU Parliament Legislative Observatory

EURODATA Newsletter

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Galaxy Sociology Directory

Gender, ethnicity and class

Gender Inn Women's and Gender Studies Database

Humanities Hub Selected resources for the social sciences and humanities

Hypercapital David Golumbia

Information on European Union Research and Development Projects

Internet Free-Press A leading electronic publishing organisation (Resources)

Irish Association of Social Workers

ISI (Institute for Scientific Information)

Library of Congress

Lines for a Virtual T/y/o/pography Matthew G. Kirschenbaum
Low income groups in information age
Media and Communication Studies

Metaphors We Compute By: Bringing Magic into Interface Design
National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging Includes many links to gerontological sites

National Institute for Social Work

Netherlands Institute for Social Sexological Research (NISSO) Database

Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet M. & R. Hauben.
Network Nation Revisited D. Belson.
Norbert Elias and Process Sociology

Nordic Youth Research Information (NYRI)

Opac '97 British Library holdings

Ozline Australian Information Online Australian information relating to the social sciences and humanities

PLATO: The Emergence of On-Line Community D. Woolley.
Princeton University Survey Research Centre

Question Bank

Race and computers

Race and cyberspace

Race identity tourism and internet
Regard Social science research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council
Register of Social Sciences Electronic E-Journals

Research-in-Progress Canadian Centre for Philanthropy directory of research concerning nonprofit, voluntary or charitable organizations

Restructuring the City: Thoughts on Urban Patterns in the Information Society Ken Friedman
Sage Publications, Ltd

SATSU Science and Technology Studies Unit

SCOS Standing Conference on Organisatinoal Symbolism.
Scottish Council for Research in Education

Serebella Search engine.newbullet.gif (1025 bytes)

Simone de Beauvior 50th Anniversary of the Second Sex

Social Science Journals published by E.J.Brill

Social Science Research Grapevine News, jobs and training opportunity for social science researchers

Social Sciences Data Collection University of California, San Diego

Social Sciences Scout Report Regular bulleting of new Web resources aimed at social scientists and researchers

SocInfo: CTI Centre for Sociology and the Policy Sciences

Sociological Databases and Search Engines University of Texas at Austin

Sociology Corner Sociologal resource gateway

Sociology Courses on the Internet

SocioSite Sociological Institute of the University of Amsterdam


SOSIG Social Science Information Gateway

UK Higher Education Universities and Colleges Complete list of UK HE institutions linking to Web sites.

UK Research Office UKRO's mission is to promote effective UK participation in European Union funded research, higher education and training, and related activities.

UNESCO MOST Clearing House

Virtual Conference Centre - MCB's free Internet conferencing service
virtual imagined community

Women's Studies Resources University of Maryland

World Lecture Hall Sociology

World Wide Web Virtual Library for Sociology resources for anthropology and sociology librarians/info specialists. Mass media and identity


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