The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure - Volume 5, Issue 2.

 ISSN: 1465-1270

Our first article presents a multi-perspective framework from which to view the rising density of communication between the worlds of art, technology, and science. It argues that they foster incremental, radical and systemic innovation. The second section examines this framework through the prism of five discussion themes.

Contents Volume 5 Issue 2:

M. Century Pathways To Innovation In Digital Culture.  

Coates, G. Workplace Commitment And The Social Sciences : The Twin Towers.

The second paper concerns an area of organisational analysis - namely workplace/organisational commitment, which has tended in the mainstream to be dominated by a single mode of analysis - organisational psychology (OP). This paper by Coates firstly questions the utility of an organisational psychological inquiry. Analysis of commitment from the perspective of organisational psychological is then brought to the fore through delineating its major current conceptualisations and manifestations within a case study organisation. Existing literature conceptions and so called best practice are placed under scrutiny in an applied situation. In doing so, it locates the economic rationale behind the ascendancy of commitment in the 1990s and the use to which the rhetoric was put. The analysis of the case study data illustrate real motivations behind such organisational practices and question the introduction of commitment orientated policies.

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