The International Journal of Urban Labour and Leisure - Volume 6, Issue 1.


Our first article presents an in-depth examination into the structures that go into making record companies what they are today. This involves the financial and organisational structures, but also includes a look at how this influences artists and genres. Organisations are the foundation of the music industry and heavily influence the resulting sounds consumed in society. Issues of consumption are also explored in depth.

Contents Volume 6 Issue 1:

M. R Clark  Organisational Structures and Cultures of Independent Record Labels : An Empirical Analysis

Jones, I. To What Extent are Young People Excluded From Political Participation? A Study of British Youth Aged 18 to 25

Thomas, M. Music in Video Games.

Kelkit, A. A Study on  Determination of Recreational Demands and Inclinations of City People of Canakkale

The second article examines the role of political influence in the lives of young people. This is a timely paper given that the electoral reform society has suggested the age of consent for voting be reduced to 16. The experience of voting today does not provide individuals with a material stake in society. This alienation and dissatisfaction will be examined through a case study of voter apathy.

The third article examines the role of music in video games. Since its inception, music has become a much more powerful aspect of video games, to the extent that music is now fully integrated into the game experience.

The last article is an examination of the user preferences and behavioural features exhibited by people in relation to: the adequacy of resources, the extent of participation in recreation activities and a determination of unexpressed demands people have for recreational activities. The study uses a questionnaire format to determine the public perception of recreation, the ability of recreational areas to meet the recreational demands of people and the responses of people to these activities. It uses data gathered from a case study undertaken in the Turkish city of Canakkale.


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